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Advanced Weight Training Techniques
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This practical 4 days course (24 CECs) is designed to teach proper exercise techniques for common and specialized free weight, spotting, Swiss Ball, and Balance Training. In addition, you will learn teaching progressions, biomechanics of weight lifting, how to identify and correct common technical problems and multi-joint free weight movements. Theories of skill learning and proper communication are also detailed.Theoretical materials are explained in a class room setting and the practical exercises are given in the gym.

Course details
Motor Learning

  • Stages of skill learning
  • Feedback and communication skills
  • Teaching progression

Tools to Enhance Learning

  • Proprioceptive Training
  • Video
  • Imagery

Exercise Technique

  • Proper exercise technique and Muscle Anatomy:
    • Trapizius
    • Chest
    • Upper Back
    • Rotator Cuff
    • Deltoids & Arms
    • Core
    • Legs
  • Weight Training Biomechanical Analysis
  • Spotting
  • Correcting common errors

Some of the exercises include
Squats Front                                                               Squats
Split Squats                                                                Lunges
Step Ups                                                                     Deadlift
Romanian Deadlift                                                    Sumo Deadlift
Back Extensions                                                        Rowing movements
Cleans                                                                         Hang Cleans
Clean Pulls                                                                 Snatch
Push Press                                                                 Jerks
Trunk and Shoulder Stabilization Exercises        Bench Press and variations

Stabilization Routines (Core strength Exercises; Hip stabilization; Rotator
Cuff Exercises)

Balance and Proprioception (Physioball; Swissball; Teeter Boards; Unilateral Training)

Power Training (Intro to Plyometrics & Jump Training; Olympic Lifts)

Certification Requirements
a.    Completion of the course
b.    One Written exam (Subjective and Objective Questions)
c.    Four Practical Evaluation (during the course period)

Investment fees: 690$ (prices may slightly vary and discounts do apply for package deals. For further details please contact our office)