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Lifestyle Fitness Coach
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This 2 days course (14 CECs) is designed to provide the participant,in a class room setting,important information for professional Lifestyle Consultation. Instructors will gain knowledge in the field of health and fitness, psychological health, mental training and positive thinking, exercise and physical injuries, training for special population, FITNESS TESTING and bases of program design, heart rate monitoring, Steroids, and much more…

Course details

  • Lifestyle choices for health and fitness
  • Achieving physical fitness
  • Stages of Change
  • The Human and the Being
  • The Ego and Mental Health
  • Train The Mind To Get a Fit Body
  • Stress & Well Being
    • How To Control Stress Through Relaxation Techniques
  • Steroids
    • use and side effects
  • Exercise & Heart Rate
  • Training for Special Population
    • Pregnant Woman
    • Elderly
    • Kids 
  • Building A Helping Relationship
  • Fitness Testing
    • Skin Fold Fat Test
    • Muscular Strength Test
    • Muscular Endurance Test
    • Flexibility Test
    • Cardiovascular Endurance Test

Certification Requirements
a.    Completion of the course
b.    Two Written exam (Subjective and Objective Questions)

Investment fees: 350$ (prices may slightly vary and discounts do apply for package deals. For further details please contact our office)