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Personal Training for High Performance
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This 2days course (14 CECs) is intended for those individuals who wish to work adult competitive athletes at any level. The course focuses on advanced topics in yearly planning and periodization. Total preparation of the athlete and development of performance models are emphasized.
Prerequisite: Personal Training for Advanced Fitness and Recreational Sport

Course details

  • Sports analysis
    • Determining What Needs to Be Trained
    • Time Motion & Video Analysis
    • Biomechanical Analysis
    • Elite Performance Analysis
    • Injury Analysis
  • Plyometrics
    • Program design
    • Video
    • Practical Implication and testing
  • Jump training
    • Program design
    • Practical Training
  • Eccentric training
    • Program design
    • Practical Implication
  • Anaerobic Alactic System Training
  • Lactic System training and Lactate Tolerance
  • Periodization
    • Periodization application
    • Yearly Planing
    • Phases in Yearly Training
    • Macrocycles
    • Microcycles
  • Designing a Yearly Program

Certification Requirements
a.    Completion of the course
b.    One Written exam
c.    One Project (writing a 4 months professional program for a recreational athlete)

Investment fees: 590$ (prices may slightly vary and discounts do apply for package deals.

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