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The focus of this 7 days course (40 CECs) is about learning the Pilates method. 
The Pilates method is a complete and thorough program of mental and physical conditioning that offers a different way of thinking about the body.  Through practicing the movements participants will become more aware of their body and begin to understand their strengths and weaknesses.  The movements can be small and therapeutic, designed to help people recovering from injuries, or they can be intensified to challenge even the most seasoned athlete.  What makes the Pilates method so attractive is that it is versatile, speaking to all ages and abilities. 
Although there are also machine-based routines known as Reformer Pilates, this course will concentrate on mat work.  The exercises taken in this course can be completed in a group fitness class, in a gym or in home Personal Training.

Course details

I-    Foundation of Pilates

Section 1: Introduction and Theory
a-    Background and philosophy
b-    The eight principles of Pilates
c-    Defining the Pilates workout

Section 2: Injuries
a-    Spinal injuries
b-    Spinal disorders
c-    Other disorders and injuries
d-    Misalignment of the pelvis, legs, and feet
e-    Pilates as rehabilitation

Section 3: Anatomy, Physiology, and Biomechanics
a-    The skeletal system
b-    Muscle groups
c-    Fundamental movements: definitions
d-    Planes of direction and axes of motion

Section 4: Exercises
a-     The 34 basic Pilates moves
b-    Application of the eight Pilates principles
c-    Major muscles, minor muscles, and stabilizers used
d-    Levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced
e-    Additional Pilates moves
f-    Warm up, cool down, and stretching
g-    Proper form
h-    Special populations

II-    Teaching and Application
a-    Creating a proper learning atmosphere
b-    Etiquette, including proper room layout
c-    Analyzing your class’s levels
d-    Groupings of exercises
e-    How to prescribe alternate exercises for injured clients
f-    Advanced modifications: weights and ball work
g-    Sport specific Pilates training

Certification Requirements
a.    Completion of the course
b.    One Written exam
c.    Pilates DVD: Filming a full class

Investment fees: 980$ (prices may slightly vary and discounts do apply for package deals. For further details please contact our office)