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Trigger Point for Trainers and Foam Rolling
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 In this course the trainer will learn a few techniques to assist their client in relieving trigger points.  Trigger Points are contractions in muscles that won’t let go.  We get them from everyday life as well as from participating in our favorite sport or exercise.

The trainers will learn the basics of trigger point therapy as well as exploring what we call “anatomical problem solving”.  Anatomical problem solving is the title we give to finding out the possibilities of why certain pain exists as well as where it may be coming from.  Most trigger points cause a “referred pain”, which means that we may feel the pain in one area of our body, but the trigger causing it is somewhere else.


During this practical 2 days course, the trainers will learn techniques using hands, elbows or Foam Roller to detect triggers and then try to eliminate them. 


Our clients are our lifeline in this industry.  As we continue to push them through some very hard and successful routines, we can also be causing them some pain.  By learning a pain relief technique like trigger, we can assist our clients even more by keeping them in the game!!