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Certification Renewal

How To Renew Your SPI Certification

Like any professional certification, the SPI certifications require a certain minimum standard of maintenance in order to ensure that SPI certified instructors are staying on top of the latest information within fitness. For this reason, the SPI requires ongoing education in order to renew and maintain your certification.

Continuing education plays a vital role in the quality of any profession. Fitness is no different. We are constantly bombarded with the `new` and `better` diet and exercise plan. As professionals we need to work hard to ensure that we make sound judgments in all our health, fitness, and nutrition decisions and recommendations

Keeping abreast of the latest developments in sport and fitness is one of the responsibilities of fitness professionals. At SPI we feel that continuing education is a fundamental part of any certification program. We also understand that many people have multiple certifications with continuing education and recertification requirements.To renew SPI certification(s) you have 3 years to accumulate 45 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) and must pay the required recertification fee of $75 for the first certificate and a 10$ fee for every additional certificate. You need as well to maintain your CPR/AED certification. This can be achieved by attending 2 fitness or sport workshops, seminar, or 1 certification course or conference in the calendar year.



Removal of Certification

A high level of professionalism should be maintained at all times. Sport Performance Institute Inc. reserves the right to remove the certification of any individual who:

  • Fails to meet the recertification requirements
  • Engages in any illegal activity
  • Misrepresents their level of credentials
  • Consistently acts in a manner that is unprofessional